Property Medics offers a full property management service looking after all jobs, from in tenancy jobs to full refurbishments. Once an agent has been assigned access into the secure CRM System, jobs can be uploaded through a detailed fault tree prompting a comprehensive report that will be sent to the selected contractor that will fully prepare them of what is required in most cases before they even get there. Once the contractor has been to the property a quotation will be made live on the system usually within 48 hours. Once we have authority to start the jobs, we will book in, complete and load the invoice into the system.


Each agent will be able to login to the secure portal to view exactly in real time where in each job is up to without the need to chase or manually follow up. Comments can be left as a direct communication to us, the contractor, and occupier or to all and the same time, without passing any sensitive details to a third party. If we are dealing with multiple property portfolios we would have each property listed with one Landlord account and this would be identified by the agent and we would not require the Landlords details, we would need tenant/ occupier details so contractor could contact for quotation, or to get access to complete the job. Upon successful completion of each job an invoice will be uploaded ready to be closed off.